# 5 amazing selectable missions to explore across varied environments: city, snowfield, sea, secret bases, tunnels and more!

# Unique gameplay mixing rescue and combat that test your dexterity.

# Fast-paced action, intense combat and 3 difficulty levels to keep you constantly challenged.

# Local and Game Center leader-board and 100 challenging achievements.

# Original sound track and dynamic sound effects.

# Choice between Accelerometer and Relative touch controls that let you steer and target enemies like a real pilot.

# Gigantic boss fights and memorable moments with immersive 3D animations.

Addictive gameplay, rescue your alliance members and destroy all enemies! iStriker is truly a shooter fan's shooter.

Launch price this month!

  • Support Devices: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad ( iOS ver 3.1.2 or later )

Ver 1.1.0

  • Added a new difficulty mode( very easy )
  • Added virtual-key buttons config, you can choose from "virtual key(left)", "virtual key(right)" and "swipe"
  • fixed a bug in iPod Touch 2G with iOS 4.2.1

Ver 1.2.0

  • All missions are selectable( no need to unlock now )
  • Adjust difficulty setting ( "NOVICE", "EASY" modes are more easier than previous version )
  • UI improvement( switch "BACK", "MENU" buttons on PAUSE screen)
  • Bug fixed

Ver 1.3.0

  • You can now upgrade your chopper ( Power/Fuel/Laser/Bombs )
  • New icon